About Us


Twegaite was founded in New Jersey in 1998. We started out as an organization of children of Busoga and their friends in the Diaspora with the commitment of the development of Busoga and Uganda.​We have now grown into a multinational organization and take on initiatives that include the communities in which we live across the world.

What We Do

Promote efforts that better our communities through the delivery of better health care, developing education, promoting advanced agriculture, technology, environmental protection and improving the socio-economic conditions of our members.

Exchange information, discussion through seminars, conventions, workshops and other methods to better understand problems facing members, and to celebrate and share information and advanced methods of improving self reliance.

Foster business and inter cultural exchanges and relationships.

Advocate for the socio-economic improvement of our communities.

Identify barriers and solutions that hinder socio-economic  development in Busoga, Uganda and international communities  in which we live.

Promote the spirit of unification and togetherness through Twegaite – United We Stand


U.S. Activity

We hold Biannual International Conventions:

  1. Washington, DC, May 2017
  2. St. Paul/Minneapolis,Minnesota, May 2015
  3. Los Angeles, CA May 2013
  4. Seattle, WA, May 2012
  5. Boston, MA May 2011
  6. Minneapolis/ St.Paul, Minnesota, May 2009
  7. Houston Texas, May 2008
  8. We hold physical fitness events:
  9. Twegaite 2ND Edition Source of the Nile Run/Walk Sat 23 July 2016 Jinja
  10. Twegaite 3RD Edition Source of the Nile Run/Walk Sat 15 April 2017 Jinja.
  11. Twegaite Inaugural Source of the Nile Minnesota 2015.
  12. Implement immigrant settlement and assistance program
  13. Adult Education Support Services
  14. Support for community activity initiated by local governments

Activity in Uganda

  1. Jinja Hospital Cancer Center Initiative
  2. Kidera Education Institute
  3. Busoga Language Program
  4. Twegaite Microfinance
  5. Support for Hospice Jinja Partners
  6. Support for Cultural Center, Jinja
  7. Support for Busoga University
  8. Support for the Mayuge Health Center
  9. Support for Pest + Hunger Eradication Fund

Activity Across the World

  1. Member support initiatives generated in the USA and Uganda
  2. Chapters in Canada, Great Britain and Australia currently in the offing